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Hair & Make up

Beauty Service 

  Standard Menu at Salon 

Hair & Make up team available to travel 

The travel fee is click here

Hair styling $100

Formal  hair styling are available. Hair curl, up dos, hair arranges. 

We offer you gorgeous, on-trend and custom styles for your special day.

Note: A wash and blow dry is not provided nor included with this service. Freshly washed hair is smooth and silky, making it more difficult for your look to maintain its hold. Please DO NOT put any hair cream or oil.

Junior hair styling Under 8 years old $50

Blow out + Iron [Short hair] $80  [Shampoo/wash/dry not provided] $

Junior hair styling Under 8 years old $50

Blow out + Iron Long hair] $100



Make up $100

Full face makeup application. 

Point make up application. $50

Junior make up Under 8 years old $50

Cover-up body make up $100

We also offer additional services for professional cover-up body make up targeting scarring or imperfections. We offer air brush make up .

Make up &Photography package at studio $300~

 [Ctystal city VA] Please go to the site.


Make up lesson $100~

Please go to the site. 

English menu / 日本語



Kimono dressing $100

Please go to the site. English menu / 日本語

In Japan there is a tradition of assisting called "kitsuke." This service is to help dress and accessorize when wearing a kimono, and will make wearing a kimono a unique and authentic experience.



Bridal package menu [on location ]

The travel fee is click here


Bride's hair and full make-up 

with wedding dress dressing  $300~

Groom hair styling    $80

Groom make-up  $50


Rehearsal hair and make up  consultation about wedding day [90min]  $200

[Within one or two months ~ at the very least, 2 weeks prior required]

.On location support for on the spot fixes for event [For photo shooting, Party, Receptions]  [1h] × $100


Hair styling change [Hair peace change]

 Dress change    $100

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ヘアセット   $100

8歳以下のお子様のヘアセット $70



和装ヘアセット「新日本髪」  $100

フルメイクアップ   $100

ポイントメイクアップ $50

8歳以下のお子様のフルメイクアップ $70








ご新婦様ヘア&メイクアップのフルパッケージ  120min   $300

ご新郎様ヘアセット     $70



90min   $200

アテンド 写真撮影 or 挙式「パーティー」1h×$100



30min  $70

お着物の着付け  $100~ 

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