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Bido 美堂


My early work appears in fashion and beauty editorials, advertisements, films, photos, magazines, TV, commercials, shows, weddings, and special events as a make up artist in Japan. Also, I worked Beauty college as Make up instructor. After that, I have opened my own total beauty salon in Okinawa Japan and started business for this salon called "Atelier Bidou ”.

I  have over 20 years of beauty work experience and my customer service style and policy is to be polite, provide great hospitality and provide patrons a relaxing atmosphere.

And now I’m trying to work on showing the beauty of Japanese cosmetology in US.

Japanese Cosmetologist license

Hawaiian Cosmetologist license

Massachusetts Cosmetologist License 

Australian Esthetic License



厚生労働省認定 日本 美容師資格




ハワイ州認定 コスメトロジスト