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About Japanese gel nails

* Long lasting Gel mani with Non Toxic Gel Polish.

* Repeat fills with Non-chemical removal

* Japanese Gel can achieve higher protection with a single coat

* Made with cosmetic high grade pigments

* Japanese Gel coats are thinner than regular gel.

This allows for a more delicate and natural-looking manicure

which naturally strengthens nail bed

​Gel nail art is infinite

 We use all Japanese high brands:

Gel X "Après" "Paragel", "Kokoist", "Presto","Ageha","Pregel",,,  All luxury gel products and nail accessories made in Japan!


One Color gel nail set [Hand] 50min --- $70

Cuticle care, adjusting length included Builder gel nails set [ Hand ]-+$10

Level 1 art [Hand] +15min------------------------+$20

Level 2 art [Hand] +30min ------------------------+$40

Level 3 art [Hand] +45min ------------------------+$55

Level 4 art [Hand] +60min ------------------------+$70

Level 5 art [Hand] +75min -----------------------+$110

Level 6 art [Hand] +90min -----------------------+$135 [Consulting time included.] Any design you prefer, free hand art, Cuticle care, adjusting length included

Additional crystal stone jewelry --------------------+ $1/1 pc~

Ombre Gel Nail [One color , Glitter], Ombre, French, Magnet, Chrome [Hand] 60min--------$90


Removal [From another salon] --------------Gel 1/$3---Gel X, Dip, Acrylic----1/$3.5, Hard gel 1/$4

Removal set [From another salon] --------Gel $20---Gel X, Dip, Acrylic----1/$30---, Hard gel 1/$40

Removal for our customer [ After 2nd time] --- Gel $15--Gel X, Dip, Acrylic---1/$35--, Hard gel 1/$35

Nail bed treatment [ Shining up, Treatment oil, Cuticle care, adjusting length, included]------------+$20

Nail Extensions

Gel X "Après" gel extensions + Apres chip + one color gel manicure new set [Hand] 90minSet $100 1/$10

Hard gel + half chip type extensions + one color gel manicure new set [Hand] ----- 105min---$120 1/$12

Hard gel nail extensions with clear tips + one color gel + top coure. [Cuticle care, adjusting length included.

Refill Builder gel [Apres] overlay Set [Hand] + one color gel manicure [ Our customers] ---Set -$80 1/$10

Refill Hard gel overlay [Hand] overlay Set [Hand] + one color gel manicure [ Our customers] Set$80 1/$10

Nail fix -----------------1/$15~

Cancel Policy

We appreciate your patronage however, hope to avoid multiple cancelations because it prevents other customers from utilizing the open time slots. 

  • I am unable to answer the phone during appointments. Please text or email any questions you may have.

  • Our services are by appointment only.

  • Please note that options for nail services will be limited for customers that arrive late to appointments. Please ensure enough time for your Nail Artist to complete requested services or treatment.




​ソフトジェルワンカラー $70
フレンチ ラメライン込み $90

グリッターグラデーション $90

カラーグラデーション $90

アプレ ジェルX エクステンション 新規セット​[90min] $100 1/$10

​パラジェルEX +ハードジェルエクステンション新規セット​[105minn] $120 1/$12

フィルイン ビルダージェルオーバーレイ「+40min」






⋆  当店ではアクリル、ディップネイルのご予約は、お受けしておりません。ハンドのジェルネイルにつきましては10歳以下の方の施術はお断りしております。すべてのハンドジェルサービスには甘皮処理、長さ調整が含まれています。

⋆ ご予約の時間に遅れた場合、施術自体やご希望のアートができなくなる可能性もございますのでご了承ください。

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