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 Enjoy a luxurious time 

All Hand Facial Massage

The face gets more tired than you probably realize. Come try our special face massage package which is performed with only hands and machine.


 The course time does not include the time for counseling and preparation, Please plan to reach the salon some time in advance before your scheduled appointment.

 The last order time depends on the course package you select. please call for more information.


We use organic cosmetic from Japan for all our treatments. They help moisturize and smoothen your skin. This course helps to remove dead skin and dirt from your skin. Recommended to those who wants to have smoothed skin. Using oils obtained from deep see water and warm steam helps to remove dirt of your pores. Pore Cleansing treatment is recommended to whom want to have smoothed silky skin. We use placenta facial pack to enhanced moisture, whitening, and aging of skin.


Basic  90min Whitening & Moisture & Aging Care

 + Soft peeling +  Cleansing  +  Pore cleansing +  Decollate & Upper Chest &  Head & facial massage +  Placenta mask + Ultrasonic treatment + Iontophoresis + Lotion + Essential serum + Cream




We DO NOT offer  facial course at Salon Foomin [Arlington]  Please contact us by text

Cancelation policy

Cancellation on the day or the previous

day will incur cancellation fee showing below.
on the previous day 50%  

on the appointed day100%